miércoles, 20 de enero de 2010

I have a blog!!!

Hello, world! Welcome to my blog... In this blog, you will read about me and my English class. I will post my homework and interesting things about learning a second language.

So, let´s get started.. A little bit about me

Hi, My name’s Maria Gonzalez. I’m from Maracaibo, originally. I live in Maracaibo. I’m 24 years old and I study business managment at URBE .

I love music, playing tennis , hanging out with my friends, staying with my family. I hate smoking, getting up early on the weekend, violence, war, injustice... and I don't lake

My dream is I have my company , and live in italian with my family. First I want to graduate from Santa Monica School.

About English, I love to learn new languages. English is very important. I can write well, but I need to practice more. The most difficult for me is speaking. I need to practice. I like to speak italian too, I can write very well.

Well, this is a little about me. I love marking friends. would you like to my friend? if you want to be my friend... please, leave comment...